$1 to $8.8 Trillion: Stocks For The Win – Episode #8

So you understand Inflation, Time and Compound Interest. Now it is time to learn about Stock, the best liquid investment that provides reasonable rates of Inflation Fighting Compound Interest when held over long periods of Time. What?! Just click play…

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Books talked about on today’s episode:

Stocks for the Long Run, 3rd Edition by Jeremy Siegel
Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition by Jeremy Siegel

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Book Review: Stocks for the Long Run, 3rd Edition by Jeremy Siegel

  • Thanks for the post, it will really help me in my stock trading..

  • Jon

    This is great! Can you hook us up with some ideas of what to look for when buying stocks in a future episode? Thanks!

  • Great question Jon. This is something we are going to cover heavily in future episodes. For now we're moving slowly; laying a foundation for understanding. You gotta learn to crawl before you can walk. And this is the approach we are taking. Every single episode will build on top of previous episodes, slowly leading you down the path of Wealth Building enlightenment :)

    Glad you enjoy the show. Stay tuned!



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