Best Brokerages For Index Funds – Episode #16

In today’s episode Ethan Bloch talks about the three different online brokerages he believes have the best Index Fund offerings.

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Link’s mentioned in today’s episode:

Ultimate Index Fund Resource

  • tiberiu84

    Listening to Ethan Bloch is like having your own personal online stock market trading broker. His advice is quite good but keep in mind that investing on the stock market is always a risk that you must be willing to take.

  • That's good, because I could really use my own personal online stock market trading broker. Mentor Capital (MNTR) is a stock I'm watching and reports released on Breast Cancer Investing lead me to believe this is a good investment, but I could use some feedback from an outside expert.

  • Great episode. Schwab is my favorite. Have been using them for 10 years now. Good support.

    I find with open wines, you usually have around 2-3 days to kill the rest of the bottle before it goes belly up. It helps to refrigerate the open bottle as well and creating a vacuum by sucking air out helps, but anything after 3-4 days is playing the odds even with a layer of inert gas from a system.

    A week is pushing it in most cases. You'd have to punt to a box wine such as Black Box Wines (which isn't a bad wine -- their Cab is decent).

    Cheers. =^.^=


  • Hey Keith,

    Thanks for the heads up on the 'leaving wine open situation'. Refrigeration probably would have helped somewhat, but as you said a week is definitely pushing it :p

    Glad you enjoyed the episode and I'm even happier to hear you are happy with Schwab. They tend to take care of the their customers, so it brings me joy to see this still holds true. Are you holding any of their Index Funds?

    Gonna check out Black Box wine and do a tasting on an upcoming Wine Wednesday; thanks for the recommendation.



  • I'm not currently holding any of Schwab's Index Funds although they are quite good. I do a lot of pure day trading and swing trading through them (equities, ETFs, etc.). Schwab does a good job at taking care of their customers. Class organization as far as I'm concerned.



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