Investing vs. Speculating – Episode #1

In today’s episode Ethan Bloch stresses the importance of understanding the fundamental difference between investing and speculating.

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Book mentioned in today’s episode:

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

  • Ethan

    Great post . And an important point.

    Love the video format and look forward to seeing more from you. I even caught a little Gary V vibe from you, which is a good thing :)

    Keep up the great work

  • Hey Russ,

    Thanks for the kind words. Super humbling. I'll take a comparison to Gary any day! He's bringing the Vino Thunder and I'm bringing the investing Thunder :)

    We're super pumped about this new production and starting next week we're just gonna be rolling them off the press 1-a-day style. So definitely stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!

    As for the topic of today's episode, Investing vs. Speculation it's something more people need to be aware of and I'm not sure I did it enough justice in this episode so a revisit may be in the mix.



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