The Inflation Monster – Episode #4

Ethan Bloch talks about the wealth destroying properties of inflation.

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  • My economic's teacher in high school said, "you're money is worth more under your mattress then in a savings account." Would you say this is true? (And good job on the audio! =D)

  • Thanks!

    Uhhh your teacher was all kinds of off wrong. As long as your savings account has an interest rate above 0% it's better off in the savings account then under your mattress, no doubt about it.

    However, a savings account is still one of the worst places to sock money away due to the low interest rate banks usually pay you for your deposit.

    If you need easy access to your money, but want a higher rate of return then your savings account offers, the answer is a Money Market Fund; which we'll be covering in an upcoming episode of The Way to Build Wealth.

    Hearing about your HIGH SCHOOL teachers ignorance is scary... all kinds of scary.



  • Jon

    Great new audio. Love the improvements!

  • Thanks Jon. We're still getting used to the new audio gear, hence the tweaking from my yelling at the beginning of the episode :p



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