Book Review: Stocks For The Long Run by Jeremy J. Siegel – Episode #17

Thanksgiving is over, welcome back, let’s get right into building some wealth with a wealth building book review.

As Ethan Bloch has said so many times, stocks are the best investments for the long run or better yet stocks are the best avenue for building wealth. In today’s episode Ethan reviews a book whose sole purpose is to prove this true.

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Book reviewed on today’s episode:

Stocks for the Long Run, 3rd Edition by Jeremy Siegel

Links from today’s episode:

Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition by Jeremy Siegel

  • Thai

    Just wanted to comment on how great of a show this is.. it probably IS the only video show out there - honest, informative, and possibly inspiring. So for that I say, Thank you.

    I am totally new to investing and haven't taken the dive yet; so I was wondering:

    Will your future episodes cover more topics in-depth, such as index funds, asset allocation, and rebalancing? I plan on opening a long-term portfolio at the end of Feb. Does Vanguard really want 3k per fund?? How do you diversify with that kind of minimum? Maybe I read something wrong, but I don't believe everyone out there has fat wads of cash at their disposal.

    Anyway, GL with the show - every episode is good times.

  • Hi Thai,

    Thanks for the comment and kind words; it is GREATLY appreciated!

    In regards to covering more topics in-depth, you can count on it. We are just getting warmed up and have only done 17 episodes so far... that's nothing.

    However we will probably not dive to much further into Index Funds as I believe we have given people enough information, materials and starting points for them to educate themselves and begin investing in them.

    We will however be covering diversification and asset allocation in more detail in the near future.

    To answer your question about Vanguard's 3k minimum, this is true. However Schwab is just $300. That being said your concern about diversification shouldn't be much of a concern when it comes to investing in Index funds, or more specifically a Total Stock Market or S&P 500 Index Fund because these Index Funds give their investors EXTREME diversification (you own everything!). The only risk really left when holding a Total Stock Market Index fund is market risk.

    I would like to reiterate that holding a TSM or S&P 500 Index Fund is about all the equity (stock) diversification you need. The only thing that is really left is an investment in bonds and if wanted commodities.

    If your problem mainly lies with the fact you don't have 3k yet to invest with Vanguard either A. Keep saving more money until you do or B. Go with Schwab.

    One thing that might be bugging you is the thought of only owning a couple Index Funds as your entire investment portfolio. Contrary to the natural thought that this cannot be good or give you enough diversification (because this is not sexy) this is probably the best portfolio for the majority of all investors (with the option to throw in some international index funds).

    Feel free to send me an email if any more questions come to mind ethan [at] thewaytobuildwealth [dot] org



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