The Secret To Successful Investing – Episode #28

Even if you understand the power of Time (discussed in episode #5), but don’t have patience, you’re screwed.

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Wine drank on today’s episode:

Vista Hermosa – White Wine [link N/A]

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Time Is An Investors Best Friend – Episode #5

  • Thai

    That quote by Munger is definitely true.. not too many ppl I know acknowledge the values of patience, let alone put it to practical use (aka investing).

    I'm definitely looking foward to an episode on Berkshire Hathaway.

  • I'm a huge fan of that quote myself and what you've said is spot on.

    You're in for a treat! This coming Monday we've planned to do a intro episode on Warren Buffett; slowing leading everyone down the rabbit whole :p



  • Norm238

    This was really good. More importantly, I found a ton of value in what you had to say and it makes perfect sense. Thanks for doing this Ethan and please don't stop!

  • Thanks for the kinds words Norm. We have no plans to stop anytime soon.

    To infinity and beyond!

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