What About Exchange Traded Funds? (ETFs) – Episode #11

This is a redo of an episode we didn’t release two weeks ago…

Someone wrote in and asked Ethan why he didn’t talk about ETFs in his episode on Index Funds. Here’s Ethan’s response.

Not working? Try the QuickTime version.

Wine drank on today’s episode:

Vin-Sanity Chardonnay 2004

Links from today’s episode:

Mutual Funds Suck – Episode #12

  • Grant

    I just started to watch your show today. I've been a sucker for about 20 years now buying mutual funds in my 401k and Roth and have seen the light. I'm all in on index funds from here on out. Thanks for sharing the information and steps on how to do this the right way. I started reading Common Sense per your recommendation today. I also read Purposeful Wealth Management by Tom Warburton on a plane last week. I opened my brokerage account today and am getting started. This is exciting.

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