Rock On: 2008 Recap. 2009 Preview. – Episode #35

On today’s episode Ethan Bloch recaps TWTBW in 2008 and shares a bit of what’s in store for 2009.

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Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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Pay Yourself First
The Inflation Monster
Time Is An Investors Best Friend
Compound Interest
Stocks For The Win!
The Power of Index Funds
Best Brokerage for Index Funds

Episode #11 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone, Ethan here. I apologize but today’s show has been canceled.

Why? Because I was unsatisfied with the episode. I work hard to make sure every episode we release meets a strict quality standard and Episode 11 didn’t make the cut. So we will be reshooting it next week as we already have 2 new episodes, guaranteed to rock your face off, lined up for Thursday and Friday.

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~ Ethan Bloch, Host of The Way to Build Wealth

Important Announcement + Wine Wednesday – Episode #3

Due to the poor sound quality in the first 2 episodes we ordered some new audio gear and won’t be publishing new episodes until next week.

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Wine drank on today’s episode:

2005 Ayama Shiraz

Links mentioned on today’s episode:

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