The Power of Dry Powder – Episode #29

Ethan Bloch loves Dry Powder, who doesn’t? It’s just a super cool way to say cash, you dig? But what really matters is that you keep some laying around for rainy days and once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.

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Boylan Bottleworks 12 oz. Grape

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Boylan Bottleworks 12 oz. Black Cherry 12pack
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

The Secret To Successful Investing – Episode #28

Even if you understand the power of Time (discussed in episode #5), but don’t have patience, you’re screwed.

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Wine drank on today’s episode:

Vista Hermosa – White Wine [link N/A]

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Time Is An Investors Best Friend – Episode #5

Don’t Run Away – Episode #15

We are in “once in a lifetime buying opportunity” territory. Don’t forgo this massive opportunity by running away.

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Tea drank on today’s episode:

Celestial Seasonings Celest Raspberry Zinger

The Investing World Is Broken – Episode #14

The investing world is broken and today Ethan Bloch explains why.

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Links mentioned on today’s episode:

Investing vs. Speculating – Episode #1
Pay Yourself First – Episode #2

What Type Of Investor Do You Want To Become? – Episode #9

A few months ago Ethan Bloch had written about three different investment approaches. Today he reintroduces all the three and emphasizes how the Passive Investment approach is the best investment approach for the majority of investors. Learn more about each approach by checking out the links below.

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Books mentioned on today’s episode:

The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Links talked about on today’s episode:

The Passive Investor
The Enterprising Investor
The Hybrid Investor

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