Emerging Markets Stock Index Funds

Below is a breakdown of the Emerging Market Stock Index Fund offerings from Vanguard.

Click on the name of the index fund to be directed to the brokers website in order to learn more about the particular fund.

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Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index Funds
Fund Symbol Minimum Expense Ratio 10 Year Return Lifetime Return Fund Inception
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Inv Shares VEIEX $3000 0.37% 7.64% 4.41% 05/04/1994
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Admiral VEMAX $100000 0.25% N/A -9.49% 6/23/2006

Minimum Minimum initial investment required to invest in fund
Expense ratio Fee's associated with the fund
10 Year Return Return over past 10 years recorded as of 11/30/2008
Lifetime Return Return since the funds creation as of 11/30/2008
Fund Inception Date of funds creation

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